Teacher Development Programs & Workshops

FuelEd partners with Pre-K-12 schools and districts to provide the best professional development for teachers in the following areas - interpersonal skills, self-awareness, and emotional well-being.

Our goal is to equip every educator with the tools they need to build relationships that support their students, coworkers, and communities.

Educator Professional Development

Areas of professional growth for teachers, administrators, and education leaders.

Immersive, multi-day, online training

Whole Educator Collective

Developing the interpersonal skills, self-awareness, and emotional well-being of education's current and future leaders.

The immersive, online event is comprised of four 180-minute online training sessions as delivered over four consecutive days to a mixed group of educators. Participants will also gain access to four 90-minute Empathy Circle sessions to more deeply process and integrate the learning.


Participants will

  • Develop new skills for building relationships
  • Recognize the impact of relationships on the developing brain and its capacity to learn
  • Identify the different types of attachment styles and how to work with them
  • Power up communication skills to handle challenging relationships and help others grow
  • Fuel self-awareness about why certain student or adult behaviors are triggering
  • Identify personal attachment styles, how they developed, and how they continue to impact life today
  • Cultivate emotional well-being by enhancing self-acceptance and self-compassion

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Online Training

Empathy School

Developing educators' skills for building relationships.

This five-hour online training in the art and science of effective listening will help participants develop professional and personal relationships that are more productive, more satisfying, and that foster a healthy school culture where adults and students thrive.

Bring Empathy School to your campus, district, or organization.


Participants will learn how to:

  • Articulate the scientific benefits of empathy
  • Explore personal strengths and weaknesses in empathic communication
  • Recognize “empathy blockers” and learn how to avoid them
  • Demonstrate greater awareness of others’ feelings, thoughts, and needs
  • Activate and practice new skills of empathic listening with adults and students
  • Identify how empathy moves educators toward being secure attachment figures
  • Understand others' feelings or perspectives and then communicate understanding to that person

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Online workshops

Trauma & Transitions

Supporting educators with trauma-informed strategies and reflective space to successfully navigate difficult transitions.

This 90-minute facilitated workshop provides district administrators, school principals, teachers, and support staff with knowledge, skills, and sustainable strategies for building relationships despite the influence of collective trauma.


Participants will learn to

  • Identify how stress and trauma impact physical and emotional well-being
  • Recognize the indicators of trauma and stress in ourselves and others
  • Reflect on one’s own experiences of trauma and loss
  • Develop strategies for self-regulation and self-care during stressful transitions
  • Develop skills to process and address student stress and trauma

What people are saying . . .

"Leadership Institute did a great job of peeling back the layers of the individuals [present] . . . [Our trainers] were AMAZING at making us stay to pace as well as be upfront with each other. This PD really should be more standardized for 1st & 2nd year teachers. I think having this level of introspection before they begin teaching would inherently make them all much better, more aware educators."

Jyme Roundtree


"This was literally life changing. Thank you."

Denise Abellano


"Leadership Institute explained the science behind who we are, why we do what we do and how we can move forward to be the best version of ourselves; encouraging group work and partner shares; creating a safe space for people to feel okay with being vulnerable and in tune with their emotions and thoughts. I thought it was wonderful!"

Claire Casuyon


"The training gives many opportunities for participants to practice the skills with real life situations. This creates a very real time practice . . . Additionally, it gives participants the perspective of both being the one showing empathy and being shown empathy. I'm leaving this session feeling not only informed but cathartic. The timing of this training was amazing!"

Tiffany Lee


"Leadership Institute allows participants to get to know who they are and what drives them and their emotions which, in turn, allows them to translate their knowledge of self into action that better serves their students, colleagues, and peers."

Chwi Ghogomu


"Leadership Institute did a great job of breaking down the different components of relationships in both personal life and at school. It was so incredibly helpful. I know the importance of building relationships with students, staff, and people in my life but didn’t realize how much I was a part of the cause when the relationship broke down. I have such a deeper understanding of myself and why I react the way I do, which opens me up more to be available and present in my life."

Gray Allison


"This program does a really good job of communicating concepts I had heard of but did not have words for . . . I'm looking forward to doing FuelEd again!"

Kiara Aaguirre


"[Empathy School] breaks the concept down into really manageable pieces — each workshop allows participants to completely engage and understand the concept. I am walking away feeling capable of implementing these things into my life."

Hannah French


"The training makes you take a step back and realize all of the times you haven’t shown empathy as much as you really needed to. I’m really thankful for this training. I think that every educator needs this check to bring us back to the fact that we all need empathy."

Nicole Stringer


“FuelEd helps you to see how relationships can be built to impact the culture of your school. I feel blessed to have been able to take part in this. It's a gift of time to reflect and grow in a way that I haven't experienced in ally other professional development.”

Sadie Edemann

School Administrator

"This training is of the most influential and meaningful trainings I have ever participated in. It does an excellent job at getting to the heart of the underlying issues impacting our abilities to develop and maintain healthy attachments and will have a huge impact on how I approach, repair, and strengthen relationships."

Deirdre Denis


"This program really shows the proper way to communicate feelings, and to show empathy to others. The training is life changing."

Talea Essama


“I think it's going to help me have a greater understanding that they see things and experience things differently. I have preconceived notions about students’ challenges and how they can "help themselves" but I need to first understand WHO they are. This will help me slow down and spend more time letting them open up. Empathetic listening involves less of me and more of them. This training will change my approach to making them feel comfortable and seen.”

Barbara Molaison

Transition Specialist

“Empathy School allows space for participants to feel and process, while giving us the technical pieces for building empathy. This made our teachers feel so good!”

Cherelyn Poe

School Administrator

“Leadership Institute was a very transformational experience. I've been to a lot of PDs and I would put this on top. Most trainings are for teachers to go back and do something with their kids, but this was about adults finding their secure attachment. This was refreshing. It was focusing on the soul of the individual.”

Annette Scott

District Administrator

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