About Us

Developing Whole Educators

FuelEd believes that the great promise of education is to promote human development. With socially-emotionally intelligent educators building secure relationships at the center of every classroom and every school, FuelEd envisions a happier, healthier, more whole world.

The Movement


More than 150 schools have prioritized relationships by investing in FuelEd programming


To date, 10,400 educators have engaged in professional and personal development through FuelEd’s training


Alongside educators, we are working to make every one of the nearly 132,000 US schools relationship-driven

Our Work

FuelEd partners with K-12 schools to develop educators' interpersonal skills, self-awareness, and emotional well-being so that every educator can build secure relationships that provide the conditions for optimal learning and development. Secure relationships have proven outcomes including self-regulation, communication skills, emotional balance, empathy, and morality, but over half of all children and adults lack these foundational relational experiences. FuelEd fills a gap in educator preparation and development by equipping educators with the social and emotional competencies essential for building relationships in schools.

FuelEd was founded by Megan Marcus in 2012 on the principle that relationships drive learning. While training as a therapist and serving as a researcher for the book The Social Neuroscience of Education by Dr. Louis Cozolino, Megan recognized the parallels between the teaching and the counseling professions: both are founded on connection, and both could promote human development. She knew she was on to something. Megan then explored whether translating elements of therapists' professional training could fill this gap in teacher education which lead to the development of FuelEd’s first pilot program with 10 teachers at YES Prep Southwest in Houston, TX. Since then, FuelEd has worked with over 10,000 educators across the country in pursuit of its mission.

Meet the FuelEd Team

FuelEd aspires to be an organization where people feel understood and valued for who they are. A place where people are reminded of their inherent worth and incredible potential through the power of acceptance. A place where people have freedom to be themselves and experience limitless growth.

The FuelEd Family

Angelina Brown-Hudson, Trainer - Houston TX

Angelina Brown-Hudson

Trainer - Houston TX

Basho Mosko, Partner - Boulder CO

Basho Mosko

Partner - Boulder CO

Brian Jaffe, Trainer - Houston TX

Brian Jaffe

Trainer - Houston TX

Bridget McCauley, Clinical Supervisor - Austin TX

Bridget McCauley

Clinical Supervisor - Austin TX

Corey Dossey, Counselor - Houston TX

Corey Dossey

Counselor - Houston TX

Damanique Williams, Trainer - Houston TX

Damanique Williams

Trainer - Houston TX

Danielle Christiana Mullings, Trainer - Houston TX

Danielle Christiana Mullings

Trainer - Houston TX

Dottie Lawrence, Trainer - Houston TX

Dottie Lawrence

Trainer - Houston TX

Farrah Seipert, Counselor - Houston TX

Farrah Seipert

Counselor - Houston TX

Grace Ifeanyichukwu, Partner - Houston TX

Grace Ifeanyichukwu

Partner - Houston TX

Hannah Castle, Trainer - Houston TX

Hannah Castle

Trainer - Houston TX

Jasmine Barnes, Partner - Chicago IL

Jasmine Barnes

Partner - Chicago IL

Jonathan Berger, Counselor - Austin TX

Jonathan Berger

Counselor - Austin TX

Kamilah McShine-Gregory, Trainer - Houston TX

Kamilah McShine-Gregory

Trainer - Houston TX

Kelly Hubbell-Hinton, Partner - Houston TX

Kelly Hubbell-Hinton

Partner - Houston TX

Kelley Munger, Partner - Atlanta GA

Kelley Munger

Partner - Atlanta GA

LaVondia Menephee, Trainer - Houston TX

LaVondia Menephee

Trainer - Houston TX

Lisa Kennedy, Board President - Houston TX

Lisa Kennedy

Board President - Houston TX

Megan Marcus, Partner & Founder - San Diego CA

Megan Marcus

Partner & Founder - San Diego CA

Mohadev Bhattacharyya, Counselor - Austin TX

Mohadev Bhattacharyya

Counselor - Austin TX

Nancy Southern, Partner & Counselor - Houston TX

Nancy Southern

Partner & Counselor - Houston TX

Nicole Cecchini, Partner - Houston TX

Nicole Cecchini

Partner - Houston TX

Nicole Milton, Trainer - Houston TX

Nicole Milton

Trainer - Houston TX

Pravin Chaturvedi, Board Member -  Andover MA

Pravin Chaturvedi

Board Member - Andover MA

Randi Waller, Counselor - Houston TX

Randi Waller

Counselor - Houston TX

Rebecca Guillory, Trainer - Houston TX

Rebecca Guillory

Trainer - Houston TX

Sarah Mushlin, Partner - Houston TX

Sarah Mushlin

Partner - Houston TX

Sherene Flemmings, Trainer - Houston TX

Sherene Flemmings

Trainer - Houston TX

Sheryl Boyd, Counselor - Austin TX

Sheryl Boyd

Counselor - Austin TX

Shundra Cannon, Trainer - Houston TX

Shundra Cannon

Trainer - Houston TX

Stephen Pike, Board Member - Boston MA

Stephen Pike

Board Member - Boston MA


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