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With the support of people like you, we can tip the system so that social and emotional training for educators is the “new norm,” secure relationships are at the center of every classroom, and human development is the primary goal and outcome of our educational system. This year has been a monumental leap forward on that journey to the future. Our sincere thanks to everyone who will join us on this mission by investing your time, funds, and influence to make the world more happy, healthy and whole.


Take a moment to remember your favorite teacher.

Our best teachers were likely not just teachers. They were counselors, coaches, and parent-figures. They connected with us, and in their classes we tried harder, we did better, and we transcended academics to learn about life and ourselves. Why? Because relationships drive learning.

Relationships also fuel educators - educators who enter the profession ready to change lives but leave exhausted by the intensely relational and emotional day-to-day work in classrooms and schools.

That's why we're here. Since our founding in 2012, FuelEd has been working toward a world where educator training and support develop educators who build the kinds of relationships that change lives. Join us today with an investment in one of these critical levers toward building a movement of emotionally intelligent educators and relationship-driven schools:


Growing educators

FuelEd grows educators’ capacity for meaningful connection. Through training and counseling, we develop teacher, principal, and district administrators’ relationship skills, self-awareness, and emotional well-being. Join us in supporting schools, educators, and students with an investment in educator social-emotional development.

grow educators

Send some TLC to an educator in need of re-fueling with your gift of $25-$100 that will:

  • Develop educators emotionally through immersive 3-day retreats
  • Build educator empathy with 1-day trainings
  • Support educator healing through free personal counseling


Catalyzing schools

FuelEd supports educators in creating lasting change in their spheres of influence. After FuelEd’s trainings, our educators go on to shape policies and practices that orient classroom, school, and district systems toward a focus on relationships, impacting a range of outcomes from decreases in challenging student behavior to greater staff retention and satisfaction. Join us in creating school and district-wide change with an investment in educator changemakers.

Catalyze Schools

Transform schools into happy and whole workplaces with your gift of $250-$500 that will:

  • Coach educators to create relationship-centered solutions to problems such as inequity in discipline
  • Empower educators to form peer communities centered on personal growth and connection
  • Build a model that reimagines whole schools and districts as therapeutic workplaces


Transforming the field

Social-emotional learning for students has taken off, but the field has identified a huge need to develop educator social-emotional capacity. FuelEd’s experience in this space makes us uniquely positioned to take expertise from on-the-ground to craft and disseminate innovative evidence-based solutions for real educators. Join us in creating a large-scale paradigm shift that can have a widespread impact on the field of education.

Transform the field

Create a sea change in the world of education with your gift of $1,000-$5,000 that will:

  • Support fieldwork where our researchers listen deeply to the experiences and needs of the real “experts”: educators in the field
  • Develop tools and resources to close the “research-to-practice” gap
  • Share expertise through conferences and publications

Thank you from the FuelEd Partners

Jasmine Barnes, Partner - Chicago IL

Jasmine Barnes

Partner - Chicago IL

Nicole Cecchini, Partner - Houston TX

Nicole Cecchini

Partner - Houston TX

Kelly Hubbell-Hinton, Partner - Houston TX

Kelly Hubbell-Hinton

Partner - Houston TX

Grace Ifeanyichukwu, Partner - Houston TX

Grace Ifeanyichukwu

Partner - Houston TX

Megan Marcus, Partner & Founder - San Diego CA

Megan Marcus

Partner & Founder - San Diego CA

Basho Mosko, Partner - Boulder CO

Basho Mosko

Partner - Boulder CO

Kelley Munger, Partner - Atlanta GA

Kelley Munger

Partner - Atlanta GA

Sarah Mushlin, Partner - Houston TX

Sarah Mushlin

Partner - Houston TX

Nancy Southern, Partner & Counselor - Houston TX

Nancy Southern

Partner & Counselor - Houston TX