Fueling schools with the power of relationships

FuelEd prepares educators with the science, skills, and self-awareness necessary to put relationships at the center of every school in America.

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Our Mission

FuelEd develops emotionally-intelligent educators who create relationship-driven schools. We envision a movement of educators creating systems that put relationships at the center of every school in America.

In partnership with educational leaders throughout the country, we are building toward that future by:


Providing research-based training in the science, skills, and self-awareness of relationships


Facilitating spaces for educators to engage in secure relationships, develop interpersonal skills, and grow


Speaking with intention to a national audience about the importance of this practice

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“I loved the training and feel it’s going to be a huge benefit not only to my professional life but in my personal life as well.”

Marina Poplawski


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Secret Sauce

A Conversation with FuelEd Founder, Megan Marcus

FuelEd founder, Megan Marcus, shares more of FuelEd’s history and where she sees the organization going in the future.

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Science: How Relationships Drive Learning

Our work at FuelEd is based on the principle that relationships drive learning. This first of four foundational articles outlines the scientific basis for our philosophy, how learning through relationship works, and why this knowledge matters to educators.

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Rethinking “Tough Love”

Instead of preparing students to succeed in a world that values compliance, schools have the potential to equip students to build a happier, healthier, more whole world.

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