Our Story

While training as a therapist and working on the book The Social Neuroscience of Education, FuelEd’s founder Megan Marcus recognized parallels between a therapeutic milieu and the classroom…


Our Work

Decades of research have shown that a relationship with a consistent and caring adult, known as a secure attachment, provides the optimal conditions for learning and development. Learn about our work…


Our People

FuelEd’s team brings together a diverse spectrum of experts spanning the fields of education and psychology, all with a common passion for the power of relationships. Meet the people behind the work…

Our Mission

FuelEd improves student outcomes by equipping educators with the social and emotional competencies essential for building relationships in schools. We believe that if educators are equipped with these essential abilities, then they will remain in their professions longer and develop stronger relationships with students, parents, and colleagues. In turn, these relationships will drive students’ academic, social, and emotional learning.

Our Programs

Community Workshop

A two-hour workshop where educators and community members can learn about the power of relationships in education, explore the science behind why the brain is wired to connect, and understand how to leverage relationships to create positive outcomes for our schools and students.

Empathy School

A school-based, engaging 6-hour professional development experience on the art and science of effective listening that combines workshops, individual support, and ongoing follow-up resources that can be integrated into the broader learning community.

Leadership Institute

The Leadership Institute is a yearlong professional development experience, featuring more than 40 hours of training and support, and designed for education leaders to develop the interpersonal skills, emotional wellbeing, and self-awareness necessary to fuel schools with the power of relationships.

Alumni Network

After engaging in a FuelEd program, our alumni educators join our network of continued connection and continued support where can receive additional resources, participate in local gatherings, and access ongoing One-on-One support that help keep their tanks full and relationships strong.


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