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Trauma-Informed Educators - Podcast

In this episode, Dr. Kay Ayre and Dr. Govind Krishnamoorthy of the Trauma-Informed Educators podcast speak with Megan Marcus from FuelEd about:

  • how FuelEd approaches trauma-informed work with educators
  • how attachment theory can help educators better understand their students and themselves
  • some traits of secure-attachment that all educators can work on, and seek out, in their relationships

Bearing witness to the emotional pain and challenges of students can take its toll on educators. Under pressure to support students, teachers may be forced to confront their own social and emotional challenges. The social neuroscience of education sheds light on experiences and needs linked to the common humanity we share with our students.

Trauma Informed Education with Dr. Kay Ayre · Emotionally Intelligent Educators with Megan Marcus

A secure attachment figure provides opportunities for autonomy for their students. So much of behavioralism and the structures in school go against this autonomy and are focused on how can we control students as opposed to giving them the trust to be able to flourish and move towards greater independence.

Megan Marcus

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About the author

Megan Marcus

Partner & Founder - San Diego CA

Megan holds a B.A. in Psychology from the University of California at Berkeley and Master’s degrees in Psychology from Pepperdine University. While at Pepperdine, Megan studied under Dr. Louis Cozolino and served as the lead researcher for his book, The Social Neuroscience of Education. Megan then completed a Master’s degree in Education, Policy, and Management from Harvard University, where she explored how to translate the elements of a therapists’ professional training to an educational setting. Her research with Dr. Cozolino and studies at Harvard combined to form the core beliefs that became the bedrock of FuelEd. Since 2012, Megan has passionately served the educational community as FuelEd’s Founder.

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