Learning to See & Address Student Trauma

This free, 60-minute, interactive webinar will provide you and your colleagues with insight into a powerful practice that educators can use to heal trauma and power up learning.


Learn to support student mental health

Educators are “on the front lines” with children as they manage a stressful transition back to school. Experts expect that students will have tremendous needs related to widespread losses of safety and predictability, and for many, trauma related to adverse childhood experiences over the previous months due to COVID-19.

Because prolonged stress can hinder development, derail emotional wellbeing, and impair learning, the critical role of educators in providing emotional safety and co-regulation as children return to school cannot be overstated.


In this webinar you will

  • Learn how the pandemic is impacting educators' overall well-being
  • Learn a turn-key, simple, scalable support system for educator mental health
  • Connect in small groups to learn, discuss, and be heard
  • Get a sense for the FuelEd program experience
  • Receive the attention and care you deserve

Your facilitator

Rebecca Guillory, Trainer - Houston TX

Rebecca Guillory

Trainer - Houston TX

What participants are saying. . .

Our facilitator was fantastic! She was positive, knowledgeable, and patient with the technology. This was a meaningful way to spend an hour.

I find these meetings helpful because I see how the person in charge is reflecting back what other people are saying. It gives good examples of how to reflect back what a person is saying.

I greatly appreciated having this time to reflect with others. The leaders of the group have been wonderful empathy role models and they really made me feel respected and heard.

I felt valued and heard.

I really like being in the breakout room which made it feel more intimate.

I was able to capture real-life application strategies that can be used directly in my classroom setting.


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