Caring, consistent relationships provide the conditions for optimal learning and development. As educators, we may know this intuitively: students and staff do better when we have a strong relationship with them. As learners, we have experienced it firsthand: effective teaching is less about calculus or chemistry than it is about connection. But do we know why?

Join fellow community members, education leaders and teachers at a FuelEd Community Workshop where we will be taking a deeper look into the science of relationships to understand why relationships drive learning, what types of relationships drive learning and finally applying these lessons to our own personal and professional lives. Gain inside knowledge about the research behind the book The Social Neuroscience of Education, which served as the inspiration and foundation for FuelEd, while learning exciting new skills to fuel your school with the power of relationships. Participants at the Community Workshop will be able to:

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Understand how the brain has evolved to learn

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Identify the natural conditions that optimize learning

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Assess how well you foster these conditions

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Create a plan to fuel your school with the power of human relationships


Community Workshop

A two-hour workshop where educators and community members can learn about the power of relationships in education, explore the science behind why the brain is wired to connect, and understand how to leverage relationships to create positive outcomes for our schools and students.

Empathy School

A school-based, engaging 6-hour professional development experience on the art and science of effective listening that combines workshops, individual support, and ongoing follow-up resources that can be integrated into the broader learning community.

Leadership Institute

The Leadership Institute is a yearlong professional development experience, featuring more than 40 hours of training and support, and designed for education leaders to develop the interpersonal skills, emotional wellbeing, and self-awareness necessary to fuel schools with the power of relationships.

Alumni Network

After engaging in a FuelEd program, our alumni educators join our network of continued connection and continued support where can receive additional resources, participate in local gatherings, and access ongoing One-on-One support that help keep their tanks full and relationships strong.