Advisory Board

Dr. Louis Cozolino

Dr. Louis Cozolino is a Professor of Psychology at Pepperdine University with a clinical practice in Los Angeles. Dr. Cozolino’s recent research focuses on a synthesis of the biobehavioral sciences with psychotherapy and education. He is the author of several books including The Neuroscience of Psychotherapy, The Social Neuroscience of Education, and The Making of a Therapist.

Allen Grossman

Mr. Grossman is a Harvard Business School Professor of Management Practice. He joined the HBS faculty in 1998 with a concurrent appointment as a Visiting Scholar at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Mr. Grossman has also served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Outward Bound USA. His current research focuses on leading high-performing nonprofit organizations and the management of public school districts.

Dr. Mary Helen Immordino-Yang, Ed.D

Dr. Immordino-Yang is an affective neuroscientist and human development psychologist who studies the development of social emotion and self-awareness across cultures, connections to social resilience and morality, and implications for education. She is an Assistant Professor of Education, Psychology, and Neuroscience at the University of Southern California. She earned her doctorate in Human Development and Psychology at Harvard University in 2005 and completed her postdoctoral training in affective neuroscience with Antonio Damasio in 2008. She holds an NSF CAREER award and in 2011 was named a “Rising Star” by the Association for Psychological Science. She has received an honor coin from the U.S. Army and a commendation from the County of Los Angeles for her work on compassion education, and is the inaugural recipient of the IMBES Award for Transforming Education through Neuroscience. In 2014, she received the American Association for the Advancement of Science Early Career Award for Engaging the Public in Science and Engineering and the American Educational Research Association Early Career Award.

Ellen Moir

Ellen is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the New Teacher Center (NTC), a national organization dedicated to improving student learning by accelerating the effectiveness of new teachers and school leaders. She is recognized as a passionate advocate for our nation’s newest teachers and for the students they teach. Ellen founded NTC in 1998 to scale high quality teacher induction services to a national audience. Ellen is widely recognized for her work in beginning teacher development and school reform. She has extensive experience in public education, having previously served as Director of Teacher Education at the University of California at Santa Cruz and worked as a bilingual teacher. Ellen became an Ashoka Fellow in 2011 and is a recipient of the 2011 Skoll Award for Social Entrepreneurship. Other major awards include the 2010 Civic Ventures Purpose Prize Fellow, 2008 National Staff Development Council Contribution to the Field award; the 2008 Full Circle Fund Impact Award; the Harold W. McGraw, Jr. 2005 Prize in Education; and the 2003 California Council on Teacher Education Distinguished Teacher Educator Award. Ellen has also co-authored many publications, including Keys to the Classroom and Keys to the Secondary Classroom, New Teacher Mentoring: Hopes and Promise for Improving Teacher Effectiveness, and Blended Coaching: Skills and Strategies to Support Principal Development.

Scott Morgan

Mr. Morgan is the Founder & CEO of Education Pioneers, an organization that exists to identify, train, connect, and inspire a new generation of leaders dedicated to transforming our education system so that all students receive a quality education. Mr. Morgan began his career teaching social studies and leadership at St. Jude High School in Montgomery, Alabama. He later served as the legal counsel for Aspire Public Schools, where he worked with the management team and school leaders to start and operate a network of small charter schools throughout California. He graduated summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa in government from the University of Notre Dame, received his Master of Arts in Teaching from the University of Portland, and earned his law degree from Stanford Law School. Mr. Morgan is a Draper Richards Kaplan Entrepreneur, a board member of Beyond 12, Inc., and a Pahara-Aspen Education Fellow, Class of 2010.

Gary Orren, PhD

Dr. Orren is a Professor of Public Policy and Management at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government where he teaches and writes on public opinion, politics, and persuasion. Dr. Orren has worked in the United States and abroad as a pollster and strategist for candidates, interest groups, government agencies, corporations, and news organizations, including the New York Times and Washington Post.  He helped draft the rules for the presidential nomination process and assists ABC News in its election night forecasting. He also worked at the youth corps program City Year as a team leader and director of national policy and planning.

David Osher

Mr. Osher is currently the Vice President of the American Institutes for Research where he is also co-directing the Human and Social Development Program as an Institute Fellow and Senior Advisor.  His work focuses on collaboration, children’s services, failure and dropout prevention, social emotional learning, school climate, youth development, the social and emotional conditions for learning, teaching, and healthy development, and culturally competent interventions for children and youth with mental health problems and disorders and their families.

Dr. Robert Pianta

Dr. Robert Pianta, PhD, is Dean of the Curry School of Education, Novartis US Foundation Professor of Education, Professor of Psychology, and founding director of the Center for Advanced Study of Teaching and Learning at the University of Virginia.  Dr. Pianta’s research and policy interests focus on the intersection of education and human development.  He has authored or co-authored more than 300 articles, 50 chapters, and 10 books.

Dr. Philip Riley

Dr. Riley researches the overlap of psychology, education, and leadership, with a particular focus on the lives of school leaders. Prior to joining the faculty of the Australian Catholic University, Dr. Riley was course leader for all post-graduate leadership programs in the Faculty of Education at Monash University.  Dr. Riley’s research in applying adult attachment theory to the relationship between teachers, students, and school leaders was showcased in The International Handbook of Research on Teachers and Teaching and Attachment Theory and the Teacher-Student Relationship.

Dr. Kimberly Schonert-Reichl

Dr. Schonert-Reichl is an Applied Developmental Psychologist at the University of British Columbia (UBC). After beginning her career as a classroom teacher, Dr. Schonert-Reichl has conducted research in the area of social and emotional learning for over twenty years. She is responsible for developing a Social-Emotional Learning and Development Concentration within UBC’s Education Department and is currently involved with a research project entitled Social and emotional learning and pre-service teacher education: A scan of SEL content in programs across North America.

Dr. Daniel Siegel

Dr. Siegel received his medical degree from Harvard University and his postgraduate medical education at UCLA where he studied how attachment experiences influence emotions, behavior, autobiographical memory, and narrative. He is currently a clinical professor of psychiatry at the UCLA School of Medicine and the Executive Director of the Mindsight Institute. Dr. Siegel is also the author of numerous articles, chapters, and the internationally acclaimed text The Developing Mind: How Relationships and the Brain Interact to Shape Who We Are. This book introduces the field of interpersonal neurobiology, which studies the way the brain grows and is influenced by relationships.

Dr. Ivor Weiner

Dr. Weiner is a professor of Special Education at California State University Northridge where he coordinates the autism program and directs the Family Focus Resource Center. Prior to entering teacher education, Dr. Weiner served nine years with Dallas Public Schools as a teacher of students with emotional and behavioral disorders and behavior specialist for students with emotional and behavior disorders and autism. Dr. Weiner is passionate about infusing social neuroscience research into teacher preparation and training.