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Leadership Institute

A three-day retreat-style learning opportunity for all educators to develop interpersonal skills, self-awareness, and emotional well-being.

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Fueling Schools with the Power of Relationships

We view the people around us through our own filter, and develop our own story about them. This is a natural, learned response that can make empathy and true connection with colleagues and students difficult.

If educators are able to zoom out and understand their own relational history, they can change their perspective to see the experiences of those around them as unique and textured. This new perspective allows them to more effectively respond to the behaviors, challenges, and needs of others.

Leadership Institute gives educators an entirely new lens

for seeing students and colleagues for who they really are.

Leadership Institute

Program Details

A three-day retreat-style learning opportunity, Leadership Institute is for all educators who want to develop interpersonal skills, self-awareness, and emotional well-being. Content includes a framework on the science of relationships, communication skills to build secure relationships, and deeper self-work where educators are able to explore their own early relationship history, their personal attachment styles, and their “triggers” in relationships.

Leadership Institute is hosted semi-annually in Houston, Texas for educators across the country and is also offered on-site at interested school districts, campuses, and organizations


Participants will develop new skills for building relationships as they learn how to:

  • Recognize the impact of relationships on the developing brain and its capacity to learn
  • Identify the different types of attachment styles and how to work with them
  • Power up their communication skills to handle challenging relationships and help others grow
  • Fuel their self-awareness about why certain student or adult behaviors trigger them
  • Identify their own attachment style, how it developed, and how it impacts them today
  • Rev up their emotional well-being by enhancing their self-acceptance and self-compassion

What Educators Are Saying About Leadership Institute

Authentic relationship building skills that we can use tomorrow, that are developed from a place of scientific research, and a collective safe space from days 1-3 to learn and practice. Would love to have a follow up on how leaders can keep growing after this training and how to partner with FuelEd for org wide implementation!

District Administrator

San Antonio, TX.

This training was like an Oprah event... a Live Your Best Life Weekend meets Super Soul Sunday. I participated in a 3day training and could possibly do more. Even the toughest shells cracked, and it was all safely and lovingly presented.

School Administrator

Los Angeles, CA.

I was truly amazed and impacted by this phenomenal three day workshop. I have been so cognizant of how I am presenting myself to my family and my colleagues regarding secure or insecure attachments. . . you all have absolutely made a difference in my life and affected true change.

Instructional Coach

Atlanta, GA.

At work, the most beneficial takeaway from FuelEd are the new relationships that I've formed with people I had never talked to before or who I'd only had superficial conversations with. After FuelEd I was able to both have the idea of why we are passionate about about the same things, but also have the skills to know others better. Ultimately we now have accountability buddies in this work.


Galveston, TX.

The shame assignment wit those cards. That was really enlightening. I didn't know what I was going to say before I got there. I went first and it was amazing how much I processed when I was speaking. A lot of who I am is because of what happened in my background. Lots of info from my shame story. It was really really good.


Tomball, TX.

Thank you so much for all that you have done. I feel equipped with great insight and verbiage to use in my growth as a more genuine and empathetic individual in all areas of my life. Most grateful for this training.

Resource Specialist

Los Angeles, CA.

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Why FuelEd?

Many initiatives in the SEL space focus on the social and emotional development of the student, but educators cannot possibly model this work if they have not developed personally first, nor can they be truly “trauma-informed” if they have not processed and healed from their own trauma.

With over 8 years of experience developing the emotional intelligence and self-awareness of educators, FuelEd is the premier provider for adult social-emotional learning, helping educators grow into secure attachment figures that build the kinds of relationships that heal trauma, promote brain growth, and produce optimal learning.


Can I train my staff after receiving this training?
Empathy School is for educators to experience on their own. If you would like to become a FuelEd trainer please send us a message at

Will I get materials?
All participants will receive a workbook to follow along with and take notes.

Do you offer CEUs for this session?
YES! FuelEd is a Continuing Professional Education Provider through the Texas Education Agency. By attending Empathy School you are eligible to receive 5 continuing professional education credit hours. At the close of our program, we will provide you with a certificate of completion upon request.

According to The Texas Education Agency, you are not required to send your certificate to the Texas Education Agency. You are, however, required to maintain your certificate as documentation in case you are audited by TEA.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Grace Ifeanyichukwu at or the Texas Education Agency at or (512) 463-5280.

Can I come late or leave early?
Every minute of the training is critical both for the information as well as the relationships you will be building so we require attendance for the entirety of the program.

Is it permitted to leave during lunchtime?
Unless there is an emergency we ask that you stay with your cohort for lunch and promise to feed you something delicious!

What if I need to cancel?
You can cancel for a full refund by sending a request to with at least 48 hours advanced notice. Be sure to include CANCELLATION REQUEST in the subject header.

Can I come if I live outside of Houston?
Yes! We love and encourage educators to join us from throughout the US and beyond. Keep in mind you will have to coordinate your own transportation and lodging.

I've heard FuelEd offers counseling. Is counseling included?
Counseling is not included with this program.