FuelEd to Launch a New Model

FuelEd has teamed up with YES Prep public schools to “implement a best practice-based, culturally competent universal prevention program” (School Behavioral Healthy Initiative Report, 2013) throughout their network of schools. Mental Health America has awarded $50,000 to YES Prep to support the healthy psychological, physical, and cognitive development of Houston’s children. FuelEd has been selected to develop and implement a brand new Train-the-Trainer model whereby select YES Prep staff will become certified to facilitate FuelEd’s teacher training curriculum system-wide. YES Prep will sustainably integrate FuelEd’s social and emotional training and support into its teacher preparation practices district-wide. This innovative work of leveraging YES Prep educators’ social and emotional capacities will greatly improve the prevention, identification, and treatment of behavioral health issues. Moreover, a system-wide implementation of this unique teacher preparation and support methodology aimed at improving the students mental, emotional, and behavioral health will put YES at the cutting-edge and undoubtedly inspire other school systems nationwide to follow suit. This new Train-the-Trainer model has the potential to create deep systemic change within the school system, and FuelEd is excited and eager to facilitate it’s development and implementation.

For the full Harris County School Behavioral Health Initiative report, CLICK HERE.

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