Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have developed and rolled out a series of safety measures, initiatives, and virtual programs designed to address the needs of educators and leaders like you. Please contact us if you're interested in bringing our new virtual programming to your school, district, or organization.


Organizational Emergency Response to COVID-19

In this unprecedented time of COVID-19, FuelEd is continuing to move our mission forward by supporting educators’ emotional-health and developing educators’ relationship skills — both critical needs, now more than ever. Educators and school leaders going above and beyond to care for their students during this crisis. They are teaching virtually, organizing food distribution, getting creative to ensure their school-based relationships remain strong, and so much more. FuelEd is just as committed to its educators and we are working to ensure educators receive the emotional support they deserve now and in the future. The processing and healing from the effects of COVID-19 will be years in the making. This work will remain relevant and necessary for months to come, even when it's no longer top of mind or a news headline. As such, FuelEd has shifted our organizational and programmatic initiatives to reflect the current state of the national education landscape.

Organizational Shifts. In light of growing concerns about the spread of COVID-19, FuelEd created an emergency action plan to limit exposure for our staff and stakeholders: moving internal operations to remote platforms and temporarily suspending or modifying in-person programming. This has had implications on the organization’s sales revenue and thus, the annual operating budget was adjusted to reflect both modified revenue and expenses. FuelEd’s current organizational operations continue based on these adjustments, utilizing reserves and altered revenue projections, while continuing to fundraise to extend our operational runway. Meanwhile, the FuelEd team is engaged in daily dynamic meetings to streamline fundraising, program innovation, and distribution efforts to optimize work in light of a swiftly changing social climate.

Program Shifts. FuelEd programming includes a combination of training, counseling, and alumni support. FuelEd continues to provide its counseling services virtually, and is re-imagining the same for in-person programming and alumni support. Our research and development team are deeply involved in the program design to evaluate the efficacy of our innovative shifts that may inform future evolution. To continue to deliver service to educators in need, we have shifted in the following ways:

The Blog: FuelEd is producing and distributing unique content centered on the science, skills, and self-awareness of relationships, as it relates to the current moment and educators' needs.

Virtual Support Series: FuelEd is hosting online sessions for educators to build knowledge and skill, as well as emotionally process their experience and build community.

Whole Educator Collective: FuelEd is developing a pilot initiative that takes our flagship training online and pairs educators in supportive relationships with one another.

Partnership Efforts. FuelEd remains in conversation with our school and district partners, maintaining open and responsive communication so that we may be available for engagement, based on their needs. Additionally, our efforts have turned to building relationships with national organizations—such as Teach for America, City Year, and Teach Plus to name a few—who wish to partner with FuelEd to emotionally support their educators. These strategic partnerships keep the organization attuned to the education landscape, provide new distribution channels for reach and sales, and hold the opportunity to expand our impact.

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