FuelEd partners with Tulane University

On August 16, FuelEd was in New Orleans for the day as we engaged in a partnership with Tulane University’s teacher preparation program. The department, a small group of just eight instructors, came together for staff development and strategic planning. We are honored to be a part of their journey to become a program focused on social emotional learning, a culture they want to nurture within the department as well as the schools they serve. This is FuelEd’s first partnership with a university, and we spent our afternoon working through the Science of Relationships and Empathy. It was encouraging to see these instructors so engaged and hungry for this content, and our observations began to reveal a need for FuelEd within this particular population. Everyone was eager to share this information with students and begin implementing empathic techniques into their classrooms and curriculum. With this, the ultimate goal is to impact school culture by working through the root of these relationships that shape so many children’s’ lives.

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